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Koi Club of San Diego

Host of the 2009 AKCA Seminar

A note from KCSD Webmaster

Welcome to Your Website

The purpose of recreating the site was to provide the Club with a fresh, modern look that will provide current and accurate information in a user friendly format.   I sincerely hope you feel that is being accomplished as we move forward together.  

Some information about the site:

·         The site is for everyone interested in learning and promoting the koi hobby.  This is your site, enjoy it and feel free           to participate in the content.   Suggestions and comments are strongly encouraged!

·         Most of the links will open in a different window, this will allow you to close the window and still remain on the                 site page.

·         The site is updated regularly and if you would like to see something please send an email to the webmaster at:         

·         There are a number of areas that, due to limitations at the moment are not quite up to par.  Please be patient and             as soon as they become available they will be implemented.

·         If you have a story or pictures please forward them to me.   I will find a spot for them. 

We do ask that material submitted not be of an offensive nature.  The webmaster must reserve the right to either publish or reject material submitted.  Conflicts or complaints may be referred to the KCSD Steering Committee for final resolution.   If you find anything offensive please contact the webmaster and describe the issue and the appropriate action will be taken.

The members and officers listed on the site willingly volunteer their knowledge, advice and help based on their experience.  Although they do this for their love of the hobby they are only advisors and cannot be held responsible for the health and wellbeing of your koi.   Having said that, the knowledge base and library has been researched and is considered of great use to beginners and advanced pond keepers.  Your input is important and if you disagree with anything published, we want to discuss it with you!

What it all boils down to is that this is everyone’s site enjoy it and participate in it.   Keep Koing!

Jerry Myers

Webmaster KCSD