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Upcoming events

    • October 27, 2019
    • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Matrix Enterprises 12310 Stowe Dr., Poway, CA 92064

    • November 10, 2019
    • 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
    • To be announced

    • December 08, 2019
    • 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Frank & Nancy Cannizzaro 11727 Invierno Dr., SD 92124

    • March 06, 2020
    • 8:00 AM
    • March 08, 2020
    • 2:00 PM
    • Activity Center, Del Mar Fairgrounds

    Show Chairman - Matt Rhoades


    Entrant Chairman - Koi Jack Chapman


    Vendor Chairman - Greg Ruth


    • March 06, 2020
    • March 08, 2020
    • 3 sessions
    • Activity Center - Del Mar Fairgrounds

    Here are some of the things we learned while setting up this online registration that will help you when you register for the show:
    *If you want to avoid having a separate invoice, use the "continue shopping" option rather than the "Proceed to Checkout" option as you make your selections. (For my "Beta test," I ended up with 7 invoices. The total amount due was the sum of all the individual invoices, but it was a pain in my side to have so many emails)

    1. You MUST be logged-in to register.
      If you are not a member and/or not registered as a vendor 
      go to: Join Us first to begin the process.  Please complete the data entries requested. They are basically the same as we have used each year for contact data on page 1 from previous..
    2. The available booths are found here, or koiclubofsandiego.org/vendor-packet-booths. It would be best to locate the available booth(s) before selecting your "Event."  The "Event" to the left of this set of instructions is best completed after you add the booth or booths to the cart. The prices of the booths are incredibly cheap, only $10.00. That's because we provide a discount within the vendor registration when more than one booth is requested. We cover the additional cost of the booth(s) within the overall cost of the registration, which has three options: One Booth, Two Booths, or Three Booths. You only need to register for one of these three options, once you have your booth(s) in the cart. BTW, payments can be online by credit card or by invoice to be paid by check, cash, or money order.
    3. At this point you should have your booth(s) ordered and in the cart using the "offline" invoice option. It is now time to register, based on the matching Event options for your needs. Below the Event options to the left are your choices and payment options. Payment options include using a credit card or the choosing the Offline option. I recommend that you choose the Offline option. You will be invoiced for the Event and also for the individual items you want for your time at our show. You can choose to make your payment by credit card, BUT that payment must be in full. Whereas, if you pay by check, cash, or money order, you can make installments. We need at least $200 by December 13, otherwise your registration will be voided and your booths will be made available to others. 
    4. You are registered and you have your booths. The packet is below. There are links to the web pages you need for any additional items such are booth accessories, brochure advertising, award sponsorships, along with general and major sponsor contributions. 

    The Koi Club of San Diego’s

    33rd Annual Koi Show

    March 7th & 8th, 2020

    Del Mar Fairgrounds Activity Center

    "The best-selling Show Continues to get EVEN BETTER!"

    EXCITING NEWS!!!  This year is our 33rdAnnual Koi Show. Don’t miss out on this special event that is again being held in conjunction with both the Spring San Diego Home and Garden Show, one of the largest home shows in the U. S. A. and the Gem Faire. These three events on the same weekend always provide great flow. The Koi Club of San Diego recognizes the valuable contributions you each make to our show and to the hobby, and we pledge to do everything we can to assist you in your sales and marketing efforts. 

    Our show venue continues to be located in the Del Mar Fairgrounds Activity Center, an indoor facility with excellent lighting, temperature control, insulation, great acoustics, and WiFi availability.  This show happens rain or shine! Booth assignments are on a first come, first served basis, so don’t delay! We have been selling out for the past few years.

    This year our vendors must be registered online. A vendor must be registered as a vendor or a member to participate. If you are not a registered member or a registered vendor, go to: Join Us first to begin the process. Our major sponsors and long time attending vendors have first choice regarding booth selection and therefore, those booth spaces are not available at this time. (Those booth numbers are missing from the list, but they will be available soon.)

    Use the Events link on the main banner to make your selection. 

    Vendor Booth Layout
    Koi Club of San Diego Thirty-third Annual Koi Show

    March 7 & 8, 2020 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds Activity Center


    Dry Booths: 102 - 120        Wet Booths: 201 - 206 & 301 - 316

    Vendor Booths  

    Booth spaces are 10' wide by 10' deep, with a blue/white back wall and side rails.  We include 1 table and 2 chairs with each booth. Table-cover and skirts, blue indoor/outdoor carpet, and a power drop are also available for a nominal additional charge. 

    Preferred setup for all booths is Friday afternoon from 1PM to 5 PM.

    If you have a small, easy set up (without water), you may come in Saturday morning from 7AM to 8:55AM. Limited drive-through access will be available only during Friday afternoon setup and Sunday tear-down with a 9-foot height limit on vehicles.  The access to be able to hand-truck in equipment and supplies from the parking areas is good.  Fish vendors must set up their tanks on Friday afternoon.  Fish may be brought in Friday afternoon, Saturday and/or Sunday mornings from 7AM to 8:30 AM.   

    Remember to bring everything you need . . .  tank covers, bags, air pumps/air stones, rubber bands, dechlorinator/water treatment chemicals, a sump pump w/ hose, etc.  It is strongly recommended that you bring your own oxygen

    Reserving Your Booth Space

    See instructions above to reserve your booths based on availability.  If you requested booth is available you can add it to your cart and pay online or by invoice. It is best to determine all of your needs prior to "Check-out". Invoiced payments can begin with a partial payment of not less than $200. (Deposits are non-refundable.)  Booth space reservations and booth assignments will be honored whenever possible. Minimum deposits are due by December 13, 2019 and full payment is due on or before
    January 17th, 2020  You may call Greg Ruth at (858) 395-7882 or email him at vendor@koicsd.org with any questions or to discuss booth assignments.

    Dry Booths for dealers selling products where water is not required may be assigned any booths in the facility beginning with 101 - 120, 201-206 & 301-316 as long as our wet booth vendors can be accommodated.

    Wet Booths for dealers selling Koi are limited to booths 201-206 & 301-316booths

    Drainage will be provided behind each wet booth for ease of water changes during the show.  Water and drainage are only available for Koi sales booths. Aeration is a must for vendors selling fish and the electrical power drop is required. (If you have multiple wet booths, only a single power drop is needed unless you require more than 5 amps).

    We will have a fire hose available for filling your tank(s) after the main show tanks are filled on Friday afternoon.  Two standard hoses will also be available during this time and throughout the duration of the show for water changes. Please do your water changes only before or after the hours the show is open to the public, except in emergencies.  A limited number of tanks are available for rent at $55 per tank. Vendors are responsible to maintain their own water quality throughout the show; however Jack Chapman, the Show Water Quality person, will be available to assist with your water treatment, if needed.  Please contact him directly at the show. Better yet, contact him two days prior to your arrival at entrant@koicsd.org.

    Booth Accessories Are found listed with the booths.  booths

    Power drop - All vendors are able to order a power drop at their booth, wet or dry, and the cost for each 500-watt/5 amp drop is $55.  All vendors requiring electrical power must order power service in advance.

    Carpet & Table-cover w/Skirt Carpet (blue indoor/outdoor) for your booth is available as an accessory for an additional charge of $140 per booth space. The table cover and skirt are available for $30.

    Saturday Box lunches - Due to the Del Mar Fairground regulations, we are not able to provide food from any hospitality rooms during the time the hall is open to the public. We are able to place an order for a box lunch to be provided by the Fairgrounds. Vendors may order this lunch for $16 each as part of your registration. 

    Fish sales are permitted on Friday afternoon in addition to the regular show hours. Show entrants may purchase fish at the show Friday and enter them in the show provided they complete their registration and payment before the 8 PM cutoff time on Friday. NO fish entries on Saturday, none!

    Koi Vendors:
    Be Aware that Owners Must be Present Prior to Judging

    If you plan to bring fish to the Show for your customers, the owner of the fish must be present at check-in on Friday between 2 PM & 8 PM, to sign their entry form and pay their fees.  Koi will not be judged if the owner of the fish does not personally sign their registration form and pay all fees prior to 8 PM Friday.


    Please enter the Del Mar Fairgrounds from the Via De La Valle at the Solana Beach Gate and make sure you ask for the “Weekend Rate” to save some money.

    Drop Shipments

    If you have supplies or product to be shipped to the Show and you have reserved a room, you may make arrangements with either the Holiday Inn Express Solana Beach-Del Mar or the Del Mar Hilton to accept drop shipments as early as one week before the Show. 

    You can also make shipments directly to the show site if the delivery date is specified to me Friday, February 29, 2020 between 8:00AM and 5:00PM. No one is available to accept deliveries other than these hours. The show address is:

    Del Mar Fairgrounds (Activity Center)
    2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd.
    Del Mar, CA 92014-2216 

    Our hotels are located near the Fairgrounds at:                           

    Holiday Inn Express Solana Beach-Del Mar or Del Mar Hilton
    621 S. Highway 101 15575 Jimmy Durante Blvd.
    Solana Beach, CA 92075 San Diego, CA  92130
    (858) 350-0111 (858) 792-5200

    Show Closes at 2 PM Sunday!!!

    This show is open to the public until 2 PM on Sunday. Please DO NOT tear-down before the official close of the show.  We advertise the show hours to the public, so we will have attendees in the building until 2 PM. Breaking down booths early creates an unsafe and unattractive environment for our show guests, so please be patient and only begin packing when the show officially closes at 2 PM.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

    All product, material and equipment must be removed from the Activity Center no later than 6 PM on Sunday, March 8, 2020. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    Free Additional Publicity (if you register by December 13th)

    Vendors reserving their spaces by Friday, December 13th, will be included in multiple promotions.  All we need is your completed reservation form, at least a $200 * deposit, and a digital copy of your logo and/or business card to use in our show brochure by December 13th!

    *any deposits can be made by invoice, but all online payments must be made in full!

    Don’t Forget to Attend the Awards Banquet

    We announce the dealer/breeder who sold the fish for major awards, and if you sold it, stand up and take a bow. If you sponsor a trophy, you may present that trophy to the winner(s) as well. (Please let Scotty Yee know your intentions before the show begins by phone at 714-943-3906 or scttyee@yahoo.com) If you sponsor $500 or more for trophies, you will receive one Banquet ticket free of charge. So, remember to make your Awards Banquet reservations on the  booths reservation form. This is another opportunity to spend some additional casual networking time with potential customers.  

    **Deadline for “Early Bird” Booth Reservations is December 13th, 2019, please don’t wait!  (Note: only 42 booth spaces are available and we did sell out last year!)

    Best Booth Awards

    We select the best wet and the best dry booth for an award based on creative presentation, unique offerings and guest interaction.  The winners will be announced on Saturday at 2 PM. We will present you with your award to display in your booth and feature a photo of your booth on our website. 

    Advertising in our Koi Show Brochure

    Don’t miss the chance to place a full color ad in our show brochure, distributed FREE to all show attendees and used throughout the year for various Club promotions. Last year's show brochure was a great success.  We will be printing 600 copies this year. Advertising spaces shown below are available. 

    Send your photo ready artwork (as a flattened .tiff, .jpg, or .pdf file) to Greg Ruth at gregruth@gmail.com. If assistance is needed with your artwork, please email, text, or call me at 858-395-7882 or vendor@koicsd.org.

    Advertising in our Koi Show Brochure - Final artwork deadline is  01/12/2020

    Deadline:  All ads must be received AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, by January 17, 2020 

    with full payment for inclusion in the Show Brochure.

    Advertising in our club Newsletter and/or on our club website

    Annual Advertising Rates -  Prorated quarterly - for Newsletter & Web Page use = 8.5 x 11 size sheet


    Monthly Newsletter 

    Annual Website


    Monthly Newsletter

    Annual Website

    Business card 



    Quarter page 



    Half page 



    Full page 



    Bus Cd: 3.5” x 2”   - Qtr pg: 4” x 5.25”   - Half pg: 7.5” x 5.25”   - Full pg: 7.5 x 10

    Awards Banquet Drawing

    The Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday evening at the Activity Center. At the banquet we will have a “Pond Stuff Drawing.” This is a great way to gain exposure for your company and product line.  Drawing items will be on display at our show. Please remember to attach a business card to each item so we can give you credit for your donation. Some donations are held back to make available at our monthly meetings club meeting. Your business card serves as a reminder throughout the year of your support for KCSD. Thank you!

    If you mail product donations to the club it needs to be delivered prior to February 25, and sent to Greg Ruth, 14036 High Sierra Rd., Poway, CA  92064. Please contact Greg if you have questions at 858-395-7882 or email him at vendor@koicsd.org. Donations received prior to February 10, 2020 will be publicized by the club in our newsletter. 

Please bear with us as we update our website.                                     Jerry

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