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The Koi Club of San Diego


Saturday, September 24

San Diego Pond & Garden 

12257 Old Pomerado Road
Poway, CA 92064

Just a quick couple of reminders about the Koi Club of San Diego Koi Auction.

This is a chance to add great koi to your pond at bargain prices. With the bidding, you get to set the price you pay.

Please bring your own seat/chair and this will help by cutting the need to rent chairs for our buyers.

Also, if you are considering bringing koi to add to the auction, remember we will have an assortment of koi bag sizes available for purchase (a whopping $1.00 each) at the upcoming meeting on September 11.

So Come and bring koi to sell.

Come and add a few to your koi family.

Come and help make the auction run smoothly.  OJT (On the Job Training) cheerfully provided as well as the opportunity to see the fish up for sale long before the rest of the crowd.

With your help this can be a successful auction.

JFG Biofilter Cleaning Sept. 10

We were given the OK to clean the JFG biofilter September 10 at 8:00-10:00. They do have something going on at the lower pond that morning, but the upper pond is clear for us. So put this activity on your calendar and we hope to see you there. As usual, park behind the organ pavilion and walk up the service driveway to the back gate of JFG. The walk-thru gate will be propped open to let you in.

After we clean the bio, we would like to try to catch the remaining little koi from last year’s spawning. Only they’re not so little anymore! We have been given permission to do this beyond their 10:00 opening time, so we may get a lot of interest and questions from the public.

Those of you who want to help, please dress appropriately and have fun! We will be keeping a handful of small koi who show potential in the upper pond but the rest will go to the canyon pond.

Hope to see you there! Any questions, email Linda at lpluth@cox.net or leave a message on her cell 619-200-4146.



As announced at our August meeting, we are looking for a member who can help us at the Japanese Friendship Garden on Monday mornings around 8:00am. Before there was a koi pond in the upper Garden area there was grass. That’s all. We suggested for years that we would take care of the filter system if they would build a koi pond which would become the central jewel to the Garden (there was no canyon Garden at the time). Norm Meck of our club designed the pond (with a few modifications) and Voila! we have a koi pond. We have been taking care of and cleaning the filter system since 1999 really as a community service to Balboa Park. We would appreciate any help even if you can’t commit to every Monday. Being able to lift 35-40 pounds is necessary to open each section of the deck where the filter is located. AND you get to pick the brain of our KHA/Show Entrant Chairman, Koi Jack, who has been overseeing the fishes health since 2005 along with our Membership Chairman/Show Vendor Chairman, Greg Ruth.
If interested, call me and leave a message at 619-200-4146 and/or email me at lpluth@cox.net.

Linda Pluth
Japanese Friendship Garden Liaison

September Koi Club of San Diego Meeting

September 11th, 2022

Social hour - 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm

Meeting begins at 1 pm

Potluck, bring your own chair

If you have any koi related issues or questions, bring them to the meeting! 


6346 Primrose Drive

La Mesa, CA 91942

Koi Club of San Diego Ponder Profile

by Tony Martinez


After a failed run at building a raised garden and hoping for a bountiful harvest of veggies, we were only able to assist in feeding and increasing the population of our local vermin “Rata”.  We were bummed out and pondering advice from a friend who suggested a pond!  However, he wasn’t aware of who he was talking to and what fire from my youth he would kindle! I have always wanted a Koi Pond, but due to joining the Navy and serving 23 years, there was never an opportunity to do so.  Our family has always been close to Japanese culture. Being half Japanese myself and having lived in Japan for many years has given me an insight into what I wanted to build.    

After the approval and a green light from my wife Janine, I began planning, reading, watching many YouTube DIY videos, and joined the San Diego Koi club (8 months prior to the big dig).  The results were as follows - first shovel December 25th, operational by May 30th.

This is a UK (United Kingdom) inspired contemporary Koi fish designated pond.  I tried to put some subtle Japanese elements, but nothing glaring. The pond is 13’ x 11’ x 4.5’ and is 4800-5000 gallons. I have a single 4-inch aerated bottom drain. It is gravity fed into a Russel’s sieve, prior to merging with the return from my two No-Niche skimmers. 

The skimmers are pumped through a pressure sieve.  I went with Aqua Evolution (AE) products due to COVID and the supply chain backorder on the Aqua Ultraviolet products. The filter is a 24-inch K+ pressure filter rated at 9600 gallons and the UV is AE 110-watt unit double 55-watt bulb. I like redundancy, it’s the sailor in me! I have a 60L Hakko air pump supplying the bottom drain. The return to the pond is by way of a 36-inch water spillway and three articulated Mazzei jets for directional current. 

I was able to source two pieces of 1-inch-thick tempered laminated low iron glass. The front piece is

24” x 72”, and the side plate glass is 24” x 48”. Both are set in a 316 stainless steel frames. I fiberglassed the frames into the blockwork and sealed the pond with Thoroseal and Pond armor. I still plan on building a pergola for much needed shade.  I gained an amazing group of knowledgeable friends on this journey!  My family has really taken to this hobby and really enjoys the pond.  Maya, my middle daughter has also got the bug and is as much involved as I am in our continuous research and learning about the many varieties of koi.  I would like to thank my wife and daughters (Kriti, Maya, Sophia) and Tim for all the support in my craziness!  



The Koi Club of San Diego



Wednesday, September 14th at 7:00 pm

(earlier if you are ordering food)


2691 Navajo Road

El Cajon, CA 92020 

Saturday, September 24th, 2022

9 AM - 3 PM

San Diego Pond and Garden

12257 Old Pomerado Road

Poway, CA 92064



Mary Burns & Kim Watson

Stu & Brenda Weissman

Octavian Dobre


Ben & Cheryl Adams

Tony & Janine Martinez

Bonnie McIlvaine
Bill & Jeanette Newell



by Lenore Wade

As President, I work to make you happy with what the club does. But, this past week at our meeting at the home of Keith Burgess, he made everyone happy. Last newsletter, I asked for your support in bringing items for our opportunity drawing. Keith took me seriously! He donated about 20 beautiful plants and cuttings. (Granted, he spent more than 40 years as a gardener and his yard is a blooming paradise.) But his generosity needs to be acknowledged. Lots of members paid big bucks in hopes of taking home a few plants. Thanks, too, to other members who brought items that were ignored!!!

Thanks to so many of you responding for our request for participation in our pond tour fund raiser. After mapping the pool locations, the board decided to plan the tour at homes in the East County. Hopefully, by the time of the meeting we can give more definitive information.

As to the next meeting, as of now, I do not know its location. Linda Pluth, the newsletter coordinator is a task master and wants my article quickly. We had 2 locations offered for September 11th , but due to pond problems, both families had to back out. But, as you read this, you will already know the location.

The annual cleaning of the bio filters at the Japanese Friendship Garden will be on Saturday, September 10th . Please read the article in this newsletter to find out the details. Help is needed and appreciated.

Mark your calendars now for the club’s annual Koi Auction. It will be on Saturday, September 24th at the San Diego Pond and Garden store in Poway. Please read the information in this newsletter. Then at the next monthly meeting, we will give you more information and the opportunity to purchase the bags needed to transport your fish. Don’t forget, it is a wonderful place to find new colorful treasures for your pond. Your support is needed in making the club successful.

I am afraid that many of us, me included, take our fish for granted. They gracefully swim around showing off their beautiful colors, sometimes jumping for our amusement, and hope we will feed them in return. But when something goes wrong, we throw up our arms and ask, “Why me, what did I do wrong?” Thankfully, Koi Jack is only an e-mail, or phone call away. He may not always have the answer, but he is the voice of reason in the temporary world of chaos. This past week, my pond seemed “off”, so I called Jack. He offered several possible causes and even more possible fixes. Bless you, Jack!

I was a little disappointed and taken aback when I was told by several members that they don’t invite their spouses to read the newsletter. But I was even more heart broken when told that many members don’t even read the newsletter.

I was a high-school-teacher for many years. My students “always did their homework”. Hopefully in the future the members will realize the information included in the newsletter is part of the learning process for us as koi lovers.



by "Koi Jack" Chapman



  • So, this is the last section for my koi nutrition series.  Some may be glad it’s finally over.  Oddly enough this area can quickly turn into a heavy science nerd project, which I promise to try to avoid (mostly).  Vitamins are SO essential and required to complete a host of body metabolic functions and processes.  They are divided into water soluble and fat soluble.  The fat soluble (A, D, E and K) can be stored in the liver and other koi tissues, when supplied in excess of daily requirements.  Water soluble vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 B12, C, Biotin Choline, Folacin and Inosital) are required DAILY as they are not stored within koi tissues.  For this area of koi nutrition, I’m not going to booooor you with daily requirements by body weight or the list of deficiency signs you can observe  - but for EACH vitamin deficiency there are observable signs and some can mimic other koi health problems.  For example: (forgive me) Thiamin deficiencies can be mistaken for organophosphate (insecticide) poisoning or Biotin deficiency can look like an external parasite or bacteria infestations to include a blue to gray color slime over the skin or scales of your koi.  Crap, I just can’t help myself -Deficiencies in the B’s leads to a host of issues to include:
    • Thiamin (B1): Aids in nerve function, digestion, and reproduction.  A lack of thiamin may cause skittishness, poor coloration, and paralysis of the fins.
    • Riboflavin (B2): Aids in absorption of oxygen in tissues with a poor blood supply. Deficiencies can cause cataracts, sensitivity to light, and bleeding from the nostrils and gills.
    • Niacin (Nicotinic Acid B3): Aids greatly in growth. A lack of this vitamin causes stunting.
    • Choline, Pantothenic Acid (B6), and Pyroxidine: All three of these vitamins are essential for the proper metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Too little of these vitamins cause problems ranging from lack of appetite to reduced growth to internal hemorrhaging.
    • Folic Acid and Cyanobalamin (B12): Both of these vitamins are important for blood cell formation; deficiencies can cause anemia and lack of appetite.

Vitamin A - deficiencies have been associated with fin congestion, skin hemorrhages exophthalmia (pop eye), blindness and fading colors to name a few.  Finally, a deficiency in vitamin C and or A  can manifest itself with deformed gill opercula - hum - I wonder if this could include the constant turned out positioning of the soft tissue at the end of the gill plate (just a thought as I see this a lot).   After reviewing multiple scientific articles about fish and vitamins not one gave any credit or comment concerning vitamin intake being diffused through the gills, only by ingestion.  Two general facts for the backyard ponder:  1. A lot of science has been completed on the vitamin requirements of fish and most if not all major koi food makers have the daily vitamin requirements covered (read your koi food ingredients list – they will vary) and number 2. THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO TO PRESERVE VITAMINS IS TO STORE YOUR KOI FOOD IN AN AIRTIGHT DARK COLORED CONTAINER, IN A DRY AND COOL STORAGE AREA!!!  Of course this is true for all the ingredients in your koi food, but vitamins have proven to be the first to degrade with time, moisture and temp.  For me – I check for dates on the food I buy and want to use it all within 60 to 90 days of purchase. 

Now on to minerals.  Koi mineral requirements include 14 in trace amounts and 7 in larger amounts and of course the water they are swimming in is a BIG factor as 10 of the above 21 minerals can be diffused through the gill membranes.  For the science nerd in us all, the mineral ion balance value determines if it can or cannot cross the gill membrane.  In fish aquaculture there are around 12 minerals that are normally included in diet formulation in different amounts for different fish species.   Freshwater fish DO NOT drink water (saltwater fish do) and koi are constantly eliminating excess water via the kidneys and other waste mainly via the gills.  Minerals play a key role in tissue formation and metabolic function and this is especially true in maintaining the osmotic balance between the koi’s body and the water it swims in.   Signs of possible mineral deficiencies include very little to no growth, anorexia, anemia, cataracts, muscular degeneration (wasting) and even fish loss.  As with vitamins, check the ingredients listing for your koi food and they vary.  Generally, you are looking for a source of phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc and yes copper.  Here again, based on existing science most if not all major manufacturers of koi diets have the daily mineral requirements covered, but there is variation.    When I have a question about vitamins and minerals (or any other food ingredient question) in any koi food, I ask the question of the manufacturers and in most cases I get a serious answer – but I have gotten, on a couple occasions, the answer to my question was proprietary in nature.  Just don’t ask the grade level of the MAIN ingredient white fish meal.  Oh well, I got the same answer when I asked for the ingredients in Coca-Cola LOL.  The main sources of information for this short article included; AKCA Guide to Koi Nutrition II, Recirculating Aquaculture Systems by M. B. Timmons Et Al., and an article from the internet titled Feeding Koi and Goldfish by Stephen m Meyers.

This entire koi nutrition series was intended to touch on the main elements of the subject matter and to encourage further examination of the subject by those interested.  For additional info, I would recommend three possibilities 1. A web search on subject matter (check the author’s credentials); 2.  A nice overview is the AKCA Guide to Koi Nutrition II ; and for a more in-depth analysis of the subject I recommend you go to the website for Koi Organization International.

Over the last three months I’ve enjoyed doing this as one of my favorite koi subjects, and I hope you have learned something you can put to use or scratch your head about (say what) OR you may now have more confidence (after review of ingredients) that the koi food you buy has what your koi need to live long and healthy lives. 

r/koi jack


August Club Meeting Images

Notes from Koi Club of San Diego Steering Committee Meeting

Wednesday, August 10, 2022 by Tamsie Pierce

Members Present in person:

 Matt Rhoades

 Jack Chapman

 Linda Pluth

Lenore Wade

 Al Pierce

 Tamsie Pierce 

Called to order at 7:00 PM.

There was some discussion as to rebagging (in smaller lots)and labelling koi food donated by our supporting vendors.

August meeting will be at the home of Keith Burgess.

September will be at the  home of Matt Rhoades

October meeting will be a pond tour.

K.O.I. organization is having a “Pond Side” Zoom session. 

Linda Pluth reminded the Steering Committee that minutes need to be approved.

Treasurer- Matt relayed that we need to set a budget for the show. There was also some discussion on access to a complete membership roster.

JFG- not much new at the pond. A date was set for the Annual Bio cleaning- Saturday, September 10 at 8 AM.

KHA - A few phone calls concerning algae on waterfalls. Beth Williams has an 18 year-old fish.

Auction- still scheduled for Saturday, September 24 at San Diego Pond and Garden. Sign ups will be circulated at the upcoming next two meetings in before the auction itself.  Bags will be available at both meetings for those wishing or needing transport bags.

Pond Tour - Lenore has gathered names of members interested in sharing their ponds as part of a pond tour.  After some discussion the tour will be held Sunday October 9 from 11 - 4 at homes in East County. admission will be $20.00 per person, $30.00 per family. We are looking for someone to coordinate publicity and are encouraging those owners involved to submit photos of the ponds.

Koi Show -  Matt has reached out to Del Mar looking for the dates of Home and Garden Show. He has not heard back yet. Hoping for early April. We are looking for a vendor chair for the show.

By Laws Committee- plans are to have them ready to be ratified in September for the Steering Committee, and then at a General meeting. Some discussion on the Non Profit status as involving the bylaws, and it was decided to submit for re-instatement with the old By-laws and continue work on the new/changed version in the mean time.

It was agreed to have a sign in at the meetings to be movement toward an opportunity drawing to win a quilt donated by Lenore Wade.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15

Koi Person of The Year 2022 Lenore Wade



President: Lenore Wade   


First VP-Program: Will Vukmanic


Second VP-Venue: Matt Rhoades


Secretary: Tamsie Pierce


Treasurer: Matt Rhoades/Jill Kluth




Show Chairman 2023: Matt Rhoades


Newsletter editor/

Webmaster: Julia Schriber


Membership Chairman/

Vendor Chairman: Greg Ruth


Koi Health Advisor/

Librarian: Jack Chapman


AKCA Representative: Scotty Yee


Club Historian: Dr. Galen Hansen


Property Manager: Al Pierce


Correspondence Secretary: Shirley Elswick


Japanese Friendship Garden Liaison: Linda Pluth



Koi Health Advisor/

Water Quality: Jack Chapman


Program Suggestions: Will Vukmanic


To Host a Meeting: Lenore Wade


To Submit an Article: Linda Pluth


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