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Best in Size Awards - $80   (Awards 7A - 15A)
Side A - Both Gosanke & Non-Gosanke

Best in Size Awards - $80   (Awards 7B * 15B)
Side B -  Only Non-Gosanke


Best in Class Awards - $80   (Awards 16 - 25)


Best in Class Awards - $80   (Awards 26 - 35)


Awards for Novice Entries  (Awards 36 - 40)


Special Awards  (Awards 41 - 46)

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Koi Club of San Diego  Award Sponsorships

Your sponsorship(s) help to offset the cost of our annual show. Please select the sponsorship(s) that fit in your budget.

Directly below this paragraph are links (in blue) to four of the five award categories. 
In the category of "Class" each 
koi class should have from 1 to 4 images of the named variety (class) representing that variety.
This site might be another opportunity to compare the different classes.
If the award is not yet sponsored, a sponsorship prices is listed below the award name.

Grand Champion & Reserve Champion Awards,            Best in Size (side A) & Best in Size (side B),
Best in Class (16 - 25) & Best in Class (26 - 35),                          Novice Awards & Special Awards

The deadline for sponsoring an award is January 10, 2022.
The name on the invoice will be engraved on the award as the sponsor, and will be posted in our show brochure.
If you would like to change how your name appears, please email matrhoa@gmail.com with the correct spelling. When you get to the point that you have finished shopping, be sure to select one of the No Shipping required options, otherwise you might find yourself  charged $10 for shipping a shirt. This could be frustrating. 

Champion Awards      (Awards 1A  -  6A) 

Reserve Awards B     (Awards 1B  -  6B) 

Please bear with us as we update our website.                                     Jerry

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